Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Note to myself

Set a goal to blog atleast twice a week.

Hello there... I just wanted to write down some thoughts!

I love blogging but the last week or so I have just ... i dont know. I think its all the christmas preparation, I have taken some interesting pictures and have some ideas to blog but it just didnt happen! Oh well, on friday I will get on with it and write tons and tons for anyone that is interested!

But during this week I gave the blog a makeover. So i would like to know, do you like it? Did you prefer the old colours etc.

I hope you had a nice day, you have finished all of your christmas shopping and enjoy the rest of the week.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Abit of Crete

I had these things forever but I think now they are something special. It is abit of Crete with me. It reminds me all  of the summers in crete and vacation. I just felt like sharing these pictures!

I have some sea shells that I have collected.

And some sand.

I always loved sand. I love playing in the sand, making kastels and just rolling around getting dirty!

It is just part of my home, crete. 

Friday, 9 December 2011

Drink, Shop & Do

Last time we where in London, we went to this shop at Kings Cross. First we walked in and it seemed like a normal craft store. BUT if you walk up the stairs you will find something totally different! It is like you walk into a house. When you walk up the little stairway you get the first feeling of the shop, which is really bright. I love that. its so bright. Some people call it kitch because it has alot of different items. I dont call it kitch I call it original, special and unique.    

This is why there is alot of light in the shop! 

After we walked in we sat in this couch. it was so comfortable. We ordered tea for one and a brownie!

The tea was good but the brownie was THE BEST we have ever had. Sorry mum. If you visit the shop you HAVE  to try it. 

This  is a small display of the bar area!

This is Alex sitting in the shop!

And this is a picture of me enjoying the lovely brownie.

Plus everrything in the coffee shop is for sale. The sofas, the chairs, the teacups everything that your eye can see in that shop is for sale!  I love that! Well, I love everything in that store! 

Drink, Shop & Do is only a 2 minute walk from Kings Cross Station at 9 Caledonian Road, London! 

Their telephone is 020 3343 9138 just in case you want to make a reservation. 

I absolutly love this place and I can not wait the next time we go! I hope you go and you enjoy it as much as we did!

Btw: I have told the owners of the shop that I would do this  blog about them BUT they havent paid me or something like that to write about them. It is pure love for the shop!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Yesterday we had the most beautiful sunset i have seen for a while! I had to take pictures of it it was great!
So here you go, I hope you enjoy this wonderfull sunset as much as I did!

                            *This is the original piccture. The top ones were abit altered!

Sunday, 4 December 2011



We went on a walk today around our area and we saw these lovely horses and we did a little photoshoot with them! I hope you enjoy!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Pete Doherty Brixton Jamm 26/11

Last saturday Alex and me (and a friend of alex's) went to a gig. Obviously Petes gig! We went at the second one and it was Epic! Pete perfomed amazingly. It was Brilliant he even stage dived! My shirt is still dirty from the guinness he gave to the crowd and half of it went to my shirt  (hopefully it will come off!!) Anyway. I took some pictures and I did abit of photoshop tonight. I hope you like them.

 *Pete and his guitar
                       *Wolfman and pete.

 *Pete and wolfman

 *Pete and his guitar

There are tones of videos of that gig (earlu and late) but here are some.
New song. Siberian Fur
Time for heroes (stage dive bit!)
You can fine more on youtube!

Its still so exciting while watching the videos!
Were you there? How did you enjoy it!
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November Glossybox + Mini Review

It might be December 2nd today but I recieved my Glossybox this mornning! The delay was due to a address problem but anyway Glossybox send me my box. Ofcourse I knew what everyone had got so I couldnt wait and  see what it was in my box.

I was so excited that I opened it at the stairs I didnt even sit down!

So here is a picture of all of the products I had in my box.

So the products one by one...


01 ARBONNE FC5 Cooling Foot creme. i tried this earlier and it really smoothes my rough feet! It also has a minty smell which reminds me of my aunt Karens house!! I recommed this product to me mum because she always is on the haunt for a good foot creme!

02 DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Gentle Cleansing Fasial Wash. I havent tried this yet but I will and let you know what I think about it. I would love to try the bath salt the gave to some people but oh well.

03 ILLAMASQUA Freak Eau De Parfum.

04 NAIL ROCK Designer nail wraps I am super excited about this and I want to wear them but i cant find my nail polish remover (need to visit boots!)

I got the black and white stripes which is cool but I would love the Black lace on Red or White dots on Black!

05 PHILIP KINGSLEY Elasticizer. It basicly is a pre shampoo treatment for the hair. I have never heard something like that before.

This is the card that tthey give you!

...and here are two pictures of me. I wanted to put together an outfit but I couldnt be bothered today! So I just took a couple face shots for you! (you know you love them tehe!)

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara: Review

Today I will be doing a product review and I would like to dedicate this review to (one of) my best friend Agapi, because she introduced me to this mascara several years ago.

You might know this mascara, but if you do not you HAVE to try it. It says that it gives you full lashes but a natural look. It does and not only that, it also lengthens your lashes. One day Agapi and I were at a shop and  a girl ask her where she bought her fake lashes while wearing this mascara! So it does a good job. I believe it comes down to the wand which looks like this.

...and a closer look

I have bought this mascara several times. I LOVE IT and ofcourse I recommend it! I looooove it. It gives me long full lashes but still is pretty natural. You can also built it for a result you like! It has a smell but its neutral and it doesnt bother me! I also love the packaging. It is just the perfect little thing! 

I give this product a 11 out of 10.

And here is a sneak peak of other products I will be doing reviews on!

Please leave a comment down below and let me know if you want me to review a product, or whatever you would like to tell me!

See you next time!

Here I would put a picture of me and agapi but  I KNOW she will hate me if I will so I wont!!
Love you and miss you loads!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Not an Outfit of the day!

Since I am not actually wearing this dress and accesories I wont calling an OTD!

Recently I found this beauty in Debenhams.
Its my dream hat!! It is Just PERFECT.

Here you can see the side of it better!

I bought it for 21 pounds in store but they have a sale on the site now. You can find it here.

Little Black dress, or shall I say The Perfect Little Black Dress.
I found this dress while going around matalan to find the shoes i will be talking about later. It was love at first site!!! Its the perfect length.You cant really tell how amazing it is but believe me!! Plus its super comfortable.

You can buy it From matalan Here. Plus if you have a student card you get a 10% discount! HURRAY...

Last but not least These beauties. These are so AWESOME. I love them, they are my babies!!! They are TALL and they can be uncomfortable if you need to walk. The first day i wore them i had to walk for 20 minutes but after that I could not walk anymore. I sat for abit and then I was ready to go again! They are AMAZING.

You can buy them here!

Once again I bought all of these products with my own money and my nus discount card! ;) 

I love shopping in England Just so Amazing...