Tuesday, 31 January 2012

What to get her for Valentines, and not only.


This is going to be one of those posts! What to get her for Valentines. And for the girls that are interested there is going to be a what to get him for Valentines! Anyway, this list can be used for birthdays, namedays, anniversaries or whenever you just want to buy her something.

Lip Butter:
Ofcourse she wants her lips to feel soft and kiss ready always! So this is the perfect gift for a girl.

Some suggestions are:

Dermatologia Lip Complex: Check out here I have tries this lip product aand it does miracles. It leaves the lips super soft and if she doesnt mind sharing you could use it aswell!

Korres Lip Butters:Check out here Korres is a company which all of the products they make are natural and without cruelty. I also have tried a lip butter from korres and it really work with making the lips softer and you can also choose taste!

Before you go out start buying stuff do allitle bit of research. Does she like dresses more? Maybe trousers? What kind of shirts does she like?

You dont have to go out and start buying designer brand clothes. Every girl would appreciate a chanel bag but try and stick to her style AND SIZE. Just open her wardrobe and look at what size she wears. Or even better ASK HER.

Some suggestions are:

Topshop Check out here I do not really like Topshop because it only offers clothes up to size 16 ( a small size 16) but if she is into fashion and under size 16 then this is a good store you should visit. And the prices are affordable.

Matalan Check out here Now if your budget is tight Matalan is the store to visit. Remember the sizes run abit small so buy a size bigger than her usual size. 

Asos Check out here Asos is expensive i believe but the quality is good (I have never tried asos clothes so I cant guarantee) Remember that Asos have a Curve line which is for size 18 and up.

Nail Polishes:
Girls do like to have nice ends! Go check her nail polish collection and buy her a new colour that you would both like! Or buy her a small nail set!

OPI Check out here Ive heard good reviews about this brand

Buy her favourite flowers. Something you could do is buy her a present and buy her 1 flower!

Tickets to a gig:
Buy her tickets to her favourite singer and take her out for the night!

These are some recommedations for your loved one. And that doesnt mean your girlfriend. It could be your mother, your granny, your sister or your auntie!

Also if you a are a student REMEMBER to use your student card so you can have a discount!

Last but not least its not about the presents but it is about to show her that you love her and not only on Valentines day but everyday! 

Have fun and enjoy!

ps. dont forget the classic card, right?!

Monday, 30 January 2012

January Glossybox

Happy Monday!

Today I got my Glossybox! I was so excited about it because they have been going on and on about it on the Facebook Page. So just couldnt wait to open it! I knew it was going to be hot pink so it didnt suprize me but i like it (even though i am not crazy over pink).

Then I opened it and it had the bow and a heart sticker!

I was so excited by now so I just opened it!

OMGOMGOMGOMG its so amazing!

From left to right:

Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer-Dewy Finish
Let me just tell you how amazing this primer is. I tried it on and my pores just disappeared! It has abit of colour but it matches any skin i think! It makes my skin so smooth and nice! Alsoo when i took off my makeup my skin was still smooth!

Cleansing Nectar

Moisturising Balm 
This can be used for hair face and boy. How awesome is that. The smell of it is nice and not heavy. It leaves my skin soft and moisturized. And it is also perfect because my moisturizer just finished!

Skinny Eyeliner
I got the light pink so I will use it us a waterline pensil instead of white. This pensil is better than white because it has a gentle colour.

Gentle Body Wash

Here is a makeup look I created using the eyeliner the primer and the moisturizer.

I used simiral colours to my last makeup look so you can see the differences.

and here are all of the products I used

How do you like your glossybox? Did you get something different? Let me know in the comments!


Sunday, 29 January 2012

Outfit of Yesterday

Yesterday I only went to the super market so I just threw some (warm) clothes on and off i went!

It is so cold these day so I really need something warm (since im not used in such a cold weather!) Anyway!

This is what I wore yesterday.

I am wearing:

Mens leather Jacket
Mens Cardigan (Cant see it)
Black shirt (Cant see it)
Coloured skinny Jeans From New look
New Brogues from shoe zone
Scarf from river island

Hurray for the awkward pose!

I hope your weekend is going well.

Comment down below with what you wear on a really cold day!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

Union Jack Earings

Let me just say that I love the union jack. Its just amazing.

So today I was at ASDA and I was going through the George clothes and I stopped at the Jewerly section and checked the stuff and I found these beauties.

Union Jack Hear earings for 1.50!

I love them they are so cute!

And this is me wearing my new earings! Love them.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Make-up look # 1

This morning I woke up and I had this feeling of puting on makeup so thats what I did. I did not do anything fancy for a couple of reasons. First of all I never really do anything fancy! and second of all I knew I wasnt going to go anywhere and just stay at home and study! So this is the look I created!

                                                                               (What was that?)
 The products I  used for this look are:

Radiant Luminesse pre make-up base
M.A.C Select spf15 foundation (in NW20)
M.A.C. Select moisture cover (in NW20)
Blink and go eye shadow & blush 05 (I used the golden eye shadow)
MaXfactor masterpiece glide and  define liquid eyeliner
Sephora lash plumper ultra black
Random brown eye shadow
Bourjois bronzing powder
Revlon colour burst (in blush)

So that it is. I hope you like this look! Comment down below and tell me what you think!


p.s. i do look quite white in some of the pics but it is from the flash!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

11 Memories Of 2011

Hello all,

So i have been thinking of 2011. It was a good year. Alot of things happen.Good and Bad. Obviously I do not want to write about bad or sad things that happen during 2011. But I will write about 11 memories I have from 2011. I have tons of memories of the past year but I will narrow them down to 11.

So here we go!

January 2011

1. I had new years in London...

...watching the fireworks and it was a great experience that I  will never forget!
London fireworks 2011 (link)

2.I had an audition...

...at a drama school in London which was an amazing experience but I did not get accepted. I haven't got bad feelings about it. I loved the whole prosses and it helped me realise alot of things!

3. I met...

 ...my wonderful friend and dietitian Georgia!

March-April 2011

4.Alex ...

...came For Easter and left.

May 2011


... 10 kilos (1 st 6 pounds / 22 pounds) since January.

June-July-August 2011


... came along and I cannot narrow down a few memories of the past summer because summer is my favourite period and you  do so many things during summer. 
But it was a good summer!

September 2011


...across Europe from Greece to England.


... to my first Pete Doherty Gig in London and met Pete Doherty!!!!!!

This was one the COOLEST things of 2011!! Ugh the memories! The gig was awesome.

9. The new people I met at petes gig!

 *Waves to everyone*

November 2011

10. The second Pete gig we went ...

...which was magical. Wolfman joined him on stage and it was brilliant!
Also something awesome happen that night. The band Krakatoa were supporting pete and they are So good. *biggest fan* You can find them at their facebook page! Also we went to their new years gig which was also awesome!

Pete and Wolfman

December 2011

11. and last but not least Trip to Paris.

Paris was really nice. I think if i didnt love England so much I would like to live there! Crepes and hot chocolates were some of the highlights!

Ofcourse these are not all of my favourite moments of 2011. 2011 was a year full of emotion and memorable moments such us long walks, shopping!, gigs, meeting new people, more Krakatoa gigs!, songs, singings, dancing, drinking, eating, swimming and other exciting things! Also being a university student was a big part of 2011. You have to love the Open University!

I feel 2012 will be a good year! 

Happy New Year


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Snack # 1: Apples

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings health, happiness and everything you want.

Now on to the post.
Alot of times when we think of a snack or a pudding we think of something sweet. But that is wrong. So i decided to share with you all my favourite (healthy) snacks. 

This is  what you will get. Abit weird innit? Well it is yougurt mixed with apple and other ingredients put into a half cut apple!

So to make this you will need.


 2 Apples


You start by peeling the apple (or not) and then slicing it.

I like to cut the apple in small cube like sizes so they can be a bite each.

Then I take a bowl and put te amount of yogurt I want at the time.

Then I add the apples...

... the cinnamon...


... and mix!

You can eat it straight out of the bow like that, but if you want to make it look abit fancier you can do this.
Take the other apple we had. Cut it in half and scoup out all of the inside with a small spoon.

Dont throw away what you scouped put it in  the bowl! ... and mix!

Then you take the yogurt thingy and you scoup it in the apple that you scouped earlier (lol)! 
And voila!

Now you are ready to munch away!

Also you can add corn flakes, all bran or nuts! Whatever you like!

If you make it, I hope you enjoy it and let me know in the comments down below!