Friday, 30 March 2012

Whats in my purse

Today I will show you what is in my bag!
 This is my bag. It is from claires! 

 Here is a little sneak peak.

And here are all the things I have. Book,phone,lipstick,chapstick,glasses,little hair brush,hair clip, tissues, wallet,keys and the ticket for the concert we went last night! woohoo.

So what is there in your bag/purse whatever you want to call it!


Friday, 23 March 2012

Spring days


I am writing this while I am trying to finish my Uni essay and im sitting on the grass. (yes i did check for beabea poopoo before i layed down!) haha and i am enjoying the sun. (i am not enjoying the essay though!)

I love spring because it means that the summer is almost here and if yo know me you know that i LOVE summer!! (also my birthday) :D

So I took these pictures to capture the moment! 

I cant wait till easter vacation and i can go back to Chania!! Not long now!

What is the weather like where you live?


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bloglovin and fish and chips!

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Also this picture is from last Saturday where we went for yummy fish and chips! This is what I wore. Red converse, Burgundy skinny jeans from New look, dads shirt, thrifted jean jacket, glasses from Matalan and D.I.Y. bag!

Thursday, 15 March 2012


This is what I wore today! On my face i am just wearing a pink lipstick from estee lauder. Glasses are from matalan,men section. The shirt was my dads! and the jeans I have bought from Old Navy.

It was such a nice day here. I enjoyed the sun while I was taking these pictures.

My update is that I passed my first module at uni with a distinction which is awesome! Also i have been studying for my essay that is due in two weeks. But i cant wait till the time comes and I can just sit at a park in London with some orange juice and sun bathe all day!


Monday, 12 March 2012

Face of the day

So this has been my latest go to makeup look. A simple eyeliner and pinkish lips. I usually use my Garnier BB cream and my mac concealer and korres face powder. Also a pink lipstick and eyeliner!
Pretty simple and cute. I still try to perfect the winged eyeliner so dont judge!! haha

What is your latest look?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Product Review: Eye Revive Beauty Flash Clarins

Hello there!

Here is another product review. This an under eye cream by Clarins.

It says on the bottle: Refreshes, Tightens, Brightens.

I say: It does refreshes, it does tighten and it does brighten!

The reason I bought this under eye cream is because last summer i noticed that it was dry and not healthy looking (even though i drink liters and liters of water). So i went to sephora and asked the girl for a product that will help me with that. She gave me this. It was abit pricey (around 28 euros i think) but it is totally worth it. The girl at sephora told me to wear it morning night and before applying make up! I also love the smell! It doesnt have any special smell it just smells like a cream! (haha)

So overal I love it!


What creams are you using now?
Let me know in the comments!

New and Bargains!

Hello there,

So today I will tell you about my new stuff I got and its always good when you grab a bargain!!

I want to talk about four things!
Jean jacket
Leaf ring
Strapless Shirt

As you can see from the pictures you can see that I cut my fringe again! Woohoo. I love bangs/fringe (call it whatever you want!) So I could not resist and cut them since my hairdresser cut me a fringe a bit weird which i didnt like!

Moving on to the jean jacket. I bought this lovely jacket from the British Heart Foundation Shop which I volunteer when I can. It was 4.95 and it is a FCUK jean jacket. I went on the site and there was a jean jacket which retailed for 95 pounds. Talking about good deals. And as you can see from the pics I think tht the previous owner modified it abit, and I love it that way.

Next thing is a leaf ring which I got from TOPMAN for 1 pound and the original price was 10 pounds! I love it because it one of those ring that is abit longer. 

The last item I want to talk (well write) about is the strapless shirt I got from Matalan for 1.50 (original price 4.00 pounds) from a sale section they had! I love it and it will be amazing for Greece.

Have you grabbed any bargains recently? Let me know down below with a Comment


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