Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Product Review: Eye Revive Beauty Flash Clarins

Hello there!

Here is another product review. This an under eye cream by Clarins.

It says on the bottle: Refreshes, Tightens, Brightens.

I say: It does refreshes, it does tighten and it does brighten!

The reason I bought this under eye cream is because last summer i noticed that it was dry and not healthy looking (even though i drink liters and liters of water). So i went to sephora and asked the girl for a product that will help me with that. She gave me this. It was abit pricey (around 28 euros i think) but it is totally worth it. The girl at sephora told me to wear it morning night and before applying make up! I also love the smell! It doesnt have any special smell it just smells like a cream! (haha)

So overal I love it!


What creams are you using now?
Let me know in the comments!

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