Sunday, 29 April 2012


 Sun come to me!

 That flower smells AMAZING.
 Sudden sun!
I got another piercing woohoo!!

Cropped Jean Jacket~Next
Skull shirt~New look
Short jeans~Forever 21(first purchase)
Tights~Random Greek Sock store
Purple Converse

Friday, 27 April 2012


*Photo heavy post*

These are three pink things I have bought lately. Pink shirt zara (present) pink cardigan charity shop. Pink shoes new look!
Also these jeans are old but they aer from marks and spencer and now with the weight loss tthey are soooo comfortable. I adore them.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hair Care

My hair is quite oily so after hearing loads of good reviews about Lushes I love juicy hair shampoo I decided to get one and try it. Let me just tell you  I adore it! It leaves my hair as it is supposed to be. Squeeky clean! It also keeps my hair un-oily for a couple of days.


Last week I dyed the ends of my hair Blonde. The colour isn't blonde but it is what I wanted. So it needs to be moisturised!

And to achieve moisturised ends I used the following products.  

The first product I use in the shower is this davies moisturising balm for hair body and face!
 After I get out of the shower and dry my hair abit with the towel I use these two products in no specific order! NIVEA diamond gloss and Paul Mitchel smoothing.

The end result is clean hair, with soft ends!

 What is your hair care routine?


Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So we are in Greece for two weeks and we have been going out meeting friends and family! But last monday  we just went for a walk and got some yummy crepes. (salty)
We went to the faros at the old harbour and sat and ate them there!

Thisis whaat i wore:
Tank top:Matalan
T-shirt: Zara
Jeans: Marks and spencer
Shoes: Shoe zone
Bag: either target or something else from the states haha
Glasses: Matalan

Ive been wearing these jeans so much since i found them in my wardrobe in greece. I hadnt put them on since i lost 12 kilos and now they fit perfectly! So happy.

Its so nice to be in chania even if i do miss england and london and the weather is not perfect.

Where have you been lately?


Friday, 6 April 2012

Back to black

Ugh ''Back to black'' is such a typicall title for black outfit posts, but ... meh.

Today I realised how much fun I have while taking pictures of the outfits, deleting all the embarrasing ones! (haha) and then editing the good ones! I love it. It is so much fun trying to run away from the camera while using the timer!!

 So this is what I wore today. We just took the recycling and popped in Matalan! hhaaha
Shoes: Shoes zone
Trousers: Genesis 
Shirt: Random store

I love this outfit. The shirt and the trousers are very big now on me but I like wearing them because they are very comfortable. It is sunny today and quite warm so I didnt wear a jacket.

Here is a fun picture for you all! haha. This is what I have to deal with everyday. The charlatan and the serious me(haha) 

Ok. Let me just say how much I love this picture. I love how it turned out after editing! I think it might be my next banner thingy!

So I was going to say something else but typically I forgot what it was so. 

Tell me what did you wear today? What did you do. Anything exciting and fun?


Sunday, 1 April 2012

Double me

Shoes:Shoe Zone
Skirt: m and co
Shirt:marks and spencer
Jean Jacket: British heart foundation
Glasses: Matalan