Thursday, 25 October 2012

Scary Halloween Makeup Look

Hellooooo, Here I am doing a scary makeup look for halloween. This video was longer but i sped it up because it wouldnt upload, it took ages. I was trying since the 10th to upload it. But here it is, I hope you like it.

Boo, haha. Also dont forget to comment and let me know what you would like to see from me.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

10 Products I would re-purchase

Hello! Here we goooo...
Elf eyelid primer: Does the job well.
Elf clear eyebrow gel: This one is my second one so I obviously do enjoy it.
Elf makeup set mist: I do enjoy using it and I would repurchase it.
Sephora smoothing primer: Now dont be fooled by its looks. This is my creation I had a tiny bit left of the primer so i decided since it had a pump to mix it up with my mac foundation. I adore this primer ( even though it was 10 euros) but it does last a long time.
Natural collection eyeshadow: Any eyeshadow from natural collection I like but i adore this one in butterscotch!
Faber-Castell Trio Sharpener: I first bought the silver one ages ago and I love it. Then it broke in half so a year ago i bought the red one. Now I use the silver one for eyeliner pencils.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect: I do love this mascara and I have repurched it in the past. Read my review HERE

Loreal Telesxopic Carbon Black Masccara: I also love this mascara, it is abit different to the maxfactor one but i like them both. The next mascara I will buy will be euther this os the maxfactor one but the waterproof ones because I have never tried those.

Pilot Pen: At school I loved these pens I had one in every size but I swapped the really thins one with my firend because i prefer the medium ones! The great thing with these is they last you a good time but then you can buy a refill easily online!

Faber-Castell Highlighters: These four come in a set. This set is the second one I bought since the first one was empty a long time ago! I love them they are really good highlighters.

So these are my 10 products I would currently re-purchase. Do comment and let me know your favourite 10 products that you would repurchase, or if you have a blog post for it link me, I really want to know! 


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Empties #1


Today I will talk about my latest empty products.

  • Batiste Dry Shampoo: Dark and Deep Brown
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo: Medium and Brunette
  • Clean and Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Wash
  • L'occitane moisturiser
  • Elf eyebrow clear gel. (not pictured)
Batiste Dry Shampoo: I love these dry shampoos. I adore them. Because I have oily hair these are a life saver!I have repurched it many times and I will! Oh and I have a coupon for it! woop woop.
Clean and Clear Morning Energy Daily Facial Wash:You can read my full review of this Here. I still love it and I will definitly repurches it after some samples I have run out.

L'occitane moisturiser: I looooove this product. It smells like cucumber. Everytime I would put it on my face I was so happy with the smell. It did a really good job with keeping me moisturised without making me oily. (Note I ave normal to dry skin). This was a sample I got from a beauty box but I would think of buying it.

Elf eyebrow clear ger: I do like this. I dont fill in my eyebrows but I like to shape them abit so this is really good. I now use it as a spoolie thingy. I dont really need a gel, so using it as a brush to comb my eyebrows is perfecto!

So that is ALL, for today. Everything seems to be running out all together! I am keeping the little L'occitane jar and the face wash. The jar to put in samples that are in saches and the bottle because it has a great pump and I can fill it up with something else. Im recycling here!!!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Product review: Leonor Greyl Volumizing shampoo

Hello and welcome to my playroom.

Today I am reviewing this hair shampoo.

It is by Leonor Greyl, it is a volumizing shampoo for thin and limp hair. I have a sample size which is 50ml and I got it at a Joliebox. The full size product is 200ml and it costs 43$. Wow didn't see that coming! The smell is honeysuckle and Calabrian lemon. It honestly smells REALLY nice. I think it is a natural product, which is an added bonus.

I think that this shampoo does exactly what it says. My hair is quite limp and thin so the perfect person to use this shampoo! I believe it does give me abit of volume, it moisturises my hair and it also cleans it! Haha. Second day today and my hair is still very soft and moisturised.

Verdict: I do really like it and will use it till its all out. I would definitely not buy it full size. I ain't gonna pay 43$ for a shampoo! But if you have some spare money and want to try it do! You will like it.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I do love these songs.

Hello, I want to write this post for the longest time. I want to show you some of my favourite songs of all time. I tried to pick one per artist and songs that i honestly listen to over and over again. This will probably be part 1 of many more posts like this.

So I will begin with:

Nick cave- Into my arms

If you listen to this song and not feel anything, I have lost faith in you!
And ofcourse I cant forget the Greek version of this.

Alkinoos Ioannidis-Adeia mou agkalia
John Lennon-Love
Johny Cash-Hurt
Amy Winehouse-You know im no good
Pink Floyd-Wish you were here
The Beatles-Because
Ben E. King-Stand by me
Vassilis Papakostantinou-Na koimithoume agkalia
The Libertines-Music when the lights come out 
Simon & Garfunkel Sound Of Silence 
Eagles-Hotel California 
Pavlos Sidiropoulos-I ora tou stuff
R.E.M-Everybody Hurts
The Vex-A fools desire
Mamas and The Papas-California Dreamin
The Verve-Bittersweet sympony
Elvis Presley-Love me Tender
Carl Barat-France
Pete Doherty-Broken Love Song
The Supernovas- Don't Believe in Heroes
The doors-The end

That is it for now, I would put link to every song but it wasnt working so good. I might make a playlist on youtube and link it here!

Please tell me your favourite songs and what you think of mine!