Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Open University student tip.

Ahoy there reader, 

You may or may not know that I am studying psychology at the Open University in England. I am currently doing a course in Fear and Sadness and I am about to give my essay. This is my 4th Open Univeristy module and I have come to a conclusion about a tip I would like to share with yall. 

My tip for studying at the Open University is preperation and by that I mean, once start reading the related material to your essay you should take note/highlight the important bits that you think should be talked about in the essay. Now you may ask me which are those important bits. I never know but with experience you become better at locating these. 

I hope this helps any one of you!

Comment and let me know if you are studying at the moment or your tip for studying.


Friday, 19 July 2013

CANEA, and handmade shoes in Chania.

Ahoy there,

Last night we went for a walk at the Old Harbour in Chania and discovered a great little shop! It is called CANEA and it sells amazing unique things with landmarks of Chania. I had to buy something and I bought this AWESOME tshirt of the Skyline. The prices are also very reasonable! You can find more about it HERE.

Shirt: CANEA
Skirt: New look

 Here is a close up of the shirt and the skirt! 

And now the wonderfull handmade shoes from Chania. 

I'm in love.