Tuesday, 15 October 2013

NYX soft matte lip cream ~ Review

I am writing this while on the train home from Hammershmith where i went to watch the recording of Never MInd The Buzzcocks! Actually published a week later!

 But what i want to talk about now are the NYX matte lip creams. A lot of people seem to like them, so when i was visiting my mum in America i looked around for them.I bought Amsterdam and San Paulo.

I have been wearing them ever since and guess what, i really like them.
 I like them for several reasons. To begin with, when i was in Greece I was wary of my lipsticks melting, as it happened in the past!! So i ended up using these matte lip creams because i knew that they would last and even if they did not i could easily reapply it without being scared it will melt in my bag/pocket.

Now, another thing i really like about them is that when they eventually start to wear off they do not go away in weird ugly patches, rather they beautifully and evenly wear away. Which means you end up with a more natural look. 

Another thing i love about them is that they are compact. Many times i do not want to carry a bag so this fits great in any pocket. The price is also a big pro about these, i think they are around 7-8 dollars which for what they are i think they are worth it girl! Now how i apply them is, in clean (would be good if your lips were moisturised but i have used it many a times where my lips were not moisturised and it is still great!) i apply a coat evenly, you have a couple of minutes to play around with it but i suggest you leave it alone to dry so it will stay put! When you want to reapply do not, i say do not apply too much because it will feel heavy and too much! 

Freshly applied.
After eating/drinking
At the end of the day!
 I applied it again a couple of times I think! So What have you been loving lately?


Friday, 4 October 2013

~What I wore~

Shirt: D.I.Y
Treggings: Marks and Spencers
Shoes: Dr. Martens

Yes, I did wear white socks with an all black outfit! That is what I do!!!

How are you all?


Wednesday, 2 October 2013

It was 99p. ~What I wore~

Yes, this awesome black shirt was indeed .99p! 
I got it from Barnados, and yes I am wearing the same jeans as in the last post, I do rather like them! 
Also the shirt is great because it is not see through but it is still quite light. 
I love me a good bargain.

Hat: Debenhams
Shirt: Barnados
Jeans: British Heart Foundation (New Look)
Shoes: Ebay (Office)

How have you been? Do you have any posts I can check out?